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Refrigerant:R134a Number of cylinders:5 Bore mm:35 Stroke cc/rel:28.6 Disp:138 R.P,M-Max rpm:6000 Lubricating oil:PAG
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Much of the discussion surrounding air conditioning systems today focuses on the refrigerants being used in the system. As an industry, we are still wrestling with the conversion away from R-12 (Freon, or CFC-12). We will focus on the air conditioning system itself here.

Basic Refrigeration:
A refrigerator and a vehicle air conditioning system have a lot in common. In fact, the automotive air conditioning system is basically a refrigerator. We don't call it that, because most folks don't like the idea of riding around in a mobile refrigerator, but technically, that's what a car with the A/C running amounts to.

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Major Sub Assemblies of Car Air Conditioning System
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