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We provide you a platform to all those connected with Car Airconditioning such as supplier of components or complete assembly units, installers, services centers, automobile manufacturers & users of Car Air Conditioners.
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Banner AD Specifications
Guidelines: For your reference, here's a list of standard banner sizes available on our website.
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Home page
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H-01 Banner 01 ( 460 x 60 pixels) $ 55 Rs. 2500/-
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P-01 Banner 01 ( 460 x 60 pixels) $ 16 Rs. 750/-
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Online Banner Advertising Available on Partner Sites!
1) Allestate.co.in:

This is portal is dedicated to the real estate business. It is designed to save your time and make it easy for you to buy/sell/lease properties. This portal also equips you with the required knowledge while dealing with property matters, such as Stamp Duty & other legal aspects.
2) Ten-PinBowling.com:

This portal is dedicated to the sport of Ten-Pin bowling, the world's largest participant Sport.
3) Boatindia.com:

Boatindia.com is a portal dedicated to Yachts, Boats, Watercrafts, Jet skis and accessories.
4) Khandala.com:

As the name itself suggests, this travel portal is dedicated to a lovely hill station near Mumbai. This portal gives you all the required information, such as places to stay, hotels, car rentals, etc in Khandala.
5) FundMedia.com:

FundMedia.com is India's online central platform for making venture capitalists / Media funding providers & media producers connect with each other.
6) Foundlost.com:

This is among the World’s very few sites of its kind and enables its users to lodge notices about Lost & Found items, Pets, & even persons. This is the first site of its kind in India.
7) Fukat.com:

This is a site where u can find information on the availability of free goods and services.
8) Kutta.com:

It is a dog portal for dog lovers, which provides rich information related to lot of topics related to dogs such as
9) Atmindia.com:

This is India’s first portal on ATMs which are increasingly playing an important role in our daily lives.
10) Babulnath.com:

Located in the very heart of Mumbai City, at nearly 1000 feet above sea level, over looking the Arabian Sea lies the majestic temple of Lord Babulnath [Lord Shiva]. Even in a city like Mumbai you'll be surprised to feel peace and tranquility at Babulnath - a place where Almighty resides.
  11) Shrisaibaba.org:

About Lord Saibaba and its various temples.
12) 123leisure.com:
123leisure.com invites all connected with leisure to get together to form a close-knit community. Through this community one can reach out to customers, policy makers, local authorities and all other groups who shape our livelihood as well our future.
13) Electricityindia.com:

It is a B2B portal, which has an objective to provide a platform to Individuals, Companies and institutions involved in electricity.
14) Caraircondition.com:

 We have developed www.caraircondition.com with a view to make it the number one portal on Car Air Conditioning in the world.
15) Watersportscenter.com:

 WaterSportsCenter.com is a great resource for the people who are interested in Water Sports Entertainment business. WaterSportsCenter.com is a portal dedicated to water sports in India.
16) Collectorindia.com:

It is a site about collectors & everything that can be categorised under collectibles like old & antiques, e.g. coins, pictures, stamp, etc.
17) Teachindia.com:

 TeachIndia.com is a portal developed with a mission in mind to spread educational information to maximum possible students & aspirants, who are willing to take education or want to upgrade themselves in academic terms.
18) Awardsindia.com:

AwardsIndia.com is a unique site which is India's first & only portal dedicated to Awards & Prizes disbursed throughout India. It offers you a chance to win an award, if you find yourself suitable for one.
19) ArchivesIndia.com:

 ArchivesIndia.com is India's first and only portal on archives with the aim of providing a platform to individuals and institutions who are concerned with the collection and storage of records & documents which are historical, corporate, or of a general nature.
Offers & Discounts
Amount of Billing Get one free on any of our Group Website
Over Rs.20,000/- 1 Banner of M-01
Over Rs.10,000/- 1 Banner of P-01
Website Discount Offered
1.Allestate.co.in 10%
2.Ten-PinBowling.com 50%
3.Boatindia.com 25%
4.Khandala.com 10%
5.foundlost.com 30%
6.BBAI.org 50%
7.Kutta.com 30%
8.Fukat.com 30%
9.Atmindia.com 10%
10.Babulnath.com 20%
11.Shrisaibaba.org 30%
12.123leisure.com 30%
13.Electricityindia.com 30%
14.Caraircondition.com 30%
15.Watersportscenter.com 30%
16.Collectorindia.com 30%
17.Awardsindia.com 30%
18.Teachindia.com 30%


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